Saturday, April 22, 2017

happy birthday, noah!

Dear Noah,

Happy 11th birthday! You informed Dad that you are officially a "tween". We are all entering uncharted territory--although I suppose we are always in uncharted territory with you, firstborn.

You played soccer this fall with Shadow and loved it. Coach Ben said you demonstrated great leadership skills on the field and praised you on your ability to see the whole field and strategize. It was somewhat of a surprise when you decided that you would rather audition for the Spokane Youth Symphony than continue playing soccer in the spring.

This year, your love of violin has blossomed. I'm sure part of that has to do with playing strings at Odyssey, but also the consistent positive feedback you get from Ms. Sele who lets you serenade your homeroom whenever your bring your violin to school. You continue to sight read and pick up things easily, but your playing has become more nuanced and beautiful. You earned big praise from Garnik recently for having a perfect lesson. ("Noah, what is your favorite food?" "Spaghetti. Why?" "You tell your parents to make that for you as a reward because you have played perfectly this lesson.") Reidinger's concerto has you obsessed and you would practice it day and night if it weren't for all your pesky homework. One of my proudest moments was when you played violin at Lolo's anniversary Mass; you had such quiet confidence and played so well. You have also picked up the cello this year, and part of me is glad that you never practice at home because it is such an ordeal to lug that thing back and forth! 

Dad talked you into swimming with the Waves this year. Your only complaint is that we don't take you to practice often enough! You have conquered your fear of the 200 free and now swim an event that still intimidates most swimmers at your stage. Swim meets have become fun (albeit crazy) gatherings for multiple members of the Eddy clan.

You are enjoying the Odyssey program except for the homework thing. Content is not overly challenging for you but keeping all the paperwork organized has been a struggle. We are working on it and trying to be patient and supportive with each other. The accelerated curriculum has kept you interested and you have made some good friends along the way, including Leo who is in walking distance from home and is always good for a play date or homework party. Your schedule is busy, which is usually enjoyable but sometimes stressful. You are learning at this tender age how to try to balance everything on your very full plate.

Family is so important to you and you have a special soft spot for your cousins. C & B, Lillian & Neil have you wrapped around their respective little fingers. You will do anything to make them smile and are always willing to help out. You had a special spring break trip backpacking with Ninang and Sam. It may have been the highlight of the year, ranking higher than our Oahu trip in February.

You are growing up faster than I ever thought was possible. We are so proud of the young man you have become.

Mom & Dad

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