Thursday, March 16, 2017

happy birthday, ellie!

Dear Ellie (or "L.E." as you recently informed me),

Happy 5th birthday! I can't believe you are going to kindergarten in the fall. You have been "ready" since you were 2, but now I see you writing letters and drawing pictures of our family with so many details like long fingers and curly hair and you really seem like a kindergartener. You adore being read to and you could sit in my lap forever looking for hidden figures in "Highlights" or reading about Disney princesses. You have been going to preschool 3 mornings each week; your favorite is "Show and Tell". This summer will be the end of an era; you are the last of the Eddy children to be at Pacific Park.

You contain more personality than anyone I know. Strangers see it in you within seconds of meeting you. When we go to visit Auntie Choly, the Emilie Court residents are especially drawn to your vivacity. You love all things girly: dresses, makeup...the more accessories the better. You try on things and ask for our assessment, "Do you like it or love it? Is it pretty or fabulous?" (Because clearly there are only 2 options). You are free with your hugs and kisses. When you are happy, you are pure joy. When you are angry, your feelings have been described as a "dumpster fire". You never stay angry or sad for long, but you definitely keep us on our toes.

You are a girl of your own mind and want to be in control of your own destiny. Recently you chopped your bangs off and told me, "Mom, you always tell me to solve my own problems." Well, you did just that and your punkrocker girl bangs do have a certain appeal now that they've grown a little. Your ears and brain pick up on the things I least suspect. When you were 3 and we went to Hawaii, I was a very effective sherpa, carting you, beach bags, chairs, etc, and Dad teased me about my load. I retorted, "I can do it. I'm Amy Eddy." That is your favorite phrase whenever I tell you I can't do something (like carry both you and the groceries inside)--"Yes, you can. You're Amy Eddy!"

This year you started going to speech therapy to help with your annunciation. You've always had a lot to say but were getting frustrated that not everyone could understand your big ideas. Miss Shelby at Milestones and Mrs. Staben at Wilson have been some of your favorite playmates and your speech is much clearer. I remember when you figured out "J" all on your own and said "Uncle Joe"; Uncle Joe noticed right away and was so proud of you!

We just got back from our trip to Honolulu. You loved the zoo and visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. You spent hours building in the sand on the beach. When you grow up, you want to be a hula dancer, beach lifeguard and zookeeper. Mom and Dad wholeheartedly support you--as long as we get to move to Hawaii with you when you pursue your dreams.

Now you are 5 year old, and officially, a "big girl". You always be my baby--even if I'm not allowed to carry you any more (sorry, it's Dad's rules, even if I am Amy Eddy). We love all your snuggles and also hope that one day they only occur during the day time and not in the middle of the night in our bed. (Sleeping in your own bed is happening soon, right? Right?!?)

Mom and Dad

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