Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy 8th birthday, kate and glory!

Dear Kate and Glory,

Happy 8th birthday! This year it falls on Thanksgiving--we are so thankful for the two of you.

We celebrated with your friends last Friday by renting a van and bringing everyone ice skating in Coeur d'Alene. Twenty 2nd graders and 5 siblings sounds like quite the undertaking, but after everyone got help lacing their ice skates, it was pretty smooth sailing. You guys had fun singing to the latest hits on 92.9 and chanting "Lemonade, Crunchy Ice" in the car. I think the van ride was the funnest part of the whole adventure. We ended with everyone getting ice cream cones at the Scoop so everyone was sugared up before going home to their parents.

Grammy and Grumpy were there to greet us when we got home and watched you open gifts. You loved all your dog-related gifts: books from Grammy and Grumpy, a stuffed Husky and stuffed German Shepherd from Layla and Jillian, and a coupon for a puppy from Mom and Dad (provided you complete all the tasks stipulated).

Kate, you started playing piano this year and learned to read music this week. You were so excited! You are making up your own songs; it is so fun to listen to you play. You ran cross-country this year and qualified for the All-City meet. Mom and Dad were grateful that that was the one day it didn't downpour during a meet! You joined the craft club after school and have been playing basketball weekly. Despite all these activities, you are still a night owl and sometimes need to be reminded that reading under the covers is not allowed at bedtime. We went to get a hair trim last month and you opted for your adorable pixie cut; everyone loves it not only because it is cute but because they can more easily tell you and Glory apart.

Glory, you began playing flute this year and played a duet with Noah for your first recital this week. I was so proud of you! This week we are working on slurring eighth notes and you are rising to the challenge! You played soccer with SYSA and will play again in the spring. You are fierce on the field and got some experience playing goalie. You have moved into Ellie's room on the top bunk and have been a good bedtime partner to Ellie and very tolerant of her endless bedtime antics. Your blanket and (occasionally) your finger have still been your bedtime vices and I think you could sleep through anything as long as you had those two.

You both started swimming for the Spokane Waves and love it. You have competed in a couple meets and take turns beating each other. Your crawl stroke and back stroke are looking pretty good and you are working on your breast stroke. You balance fun and competition well. This summer you crafted a triathlon course and competed with the Bruyas. The Eddys took 1st, 2nd and 3rd but you gave the prizes to Chloe and Matthew so they would have fun, too. You both have loving hearts and are constantly thinking of others and how to be good friends.

We love you so much. Every day you are growing in to young women and we see less and less of the babies you used to be. Thank you for still taking time to snuggle and hug us; we are trying to savor every moment.

Mom and Dad

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