Friday, April 22, 2016

happy birthday, noah!

Dear Noah,

Happy birthday, Noah! You are now a decade old. Your days are busy with school and activities and it seems like every day you come home and ask permission to try to squeeze in even more. (At this rate, you will never have time to play the Xbox, which is fine by me. However, Mom and Dad would love for you to have a little more free time to feed your book addiction.)

You have been playing the violin for the last 18 months and your ability has grown at an exponential rate. Garnik awarded you an heirloom 3/4 size violin that he reserves for the student who has shown the most potential and best work ethic. Music seems to come fairly naturally to you; you and Grumpy have been working on several viola/violin duets--and you are keeping him on his toes. You are already asking about playing the trumpet or clarinet in the school band and you can pick out many melodies on the piano by ear. We love listening to you play; we still have a fair amount of discussion about practicing.

Schoolwork is easy for you and sometimes you need more to keep you engaged. This year your teachers recommended you be re-tested for the Highly Capable program and you are now on the wait list for Odyssey. You were elected as ASB secretary; I'm not sure what all your duties entail, but this morning you told me you were there to "donate ideas". Your contributions are valuable; you wrote a persuasive letter to the superintendent asking for a dedicated room for testing. She made a comment to Dad about it at the Wilson auction. You have good friends; you love science. Fourth grade agrees with you.

Your sport of choice is soccer. You are obsessed! This year you played with the Shadow.  You are developing better ball skills and have a talent to "read" the field. You just completed tryouts for next year and will play with the Select team. Your coach, Ben, loves your willingness to learn and your teamwork.

Now that you have been confirmed AND are in the 4th grade, you have started altar serving at church. We love that you are so enthusiastic; you volunteer whenever there is an open space. I think it gives you a physical form to pray and participate in the Mass and you are a great example of what your sisters can look forward to when they are ready.

Family time is important to you. You and your sisters play well together most of the time and more often than not you can compromise on your differences of opinion. The last few weeks, you've had some sibling sleepovers with Ellie--when she lets you. You and Sam are especially close as the oldest brothers of the family and love everything Legos and Star Wars. You love babies of every kind, but have a special softness for B & C. You've made it your personal goal to make them laugh as much as possible--and you're pretty good at it.

Noah Bear, you make us proud to watch you grow.

Mom and Dad

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Laura said...

I can't believe I didn't see this until now. Brings a tear to my eye. Noah, you are such a great role model for your sisters!