Wednesday, March 16, 2016

happy birthday, ellie

Dear Ellie,

Happy 4th birthday! We celebrated your birthday with Tita, Sharon, Marilyn and Dan all showering you with special treats. Apparently Tita gave you a chocolate bunny and it took you most of the day to realize that it was something you could eat. Your most beloved gift is your Frozen bicycle complete with handlebar streamers and a strap-on carriage for you to carry your toys and snacks in. You and Dad biked down by the river and up by Kendall yards. He's still working on your endurance; you would bike for about 2 minutes and then take a 5-minute water break.

You are as passionate and spunky as ever. Old age has yet to mellow you. You love to laugh and joke. Your favorites are knock-knock jokes based off of the Sponge Bob movie with some variation of "Give me back my formula" as the punchline. They are hilarious even though most people would not be able to follow your sense of humor. Your kisses and hugs are fierce. Your meltdowns have been likened to "a dumpster fire of anger". We are seeing fewer of them, little by little. You still change your outfits 5 times a day and add any and every accessory you can find. Your latest favorites are these too-big peep-toe red shoes with heels inherited from ND.

You cannot wait to be "big" and do everything Kate, Glory and Noah do. You have started writing your name, are using more Spanish words and are trying to spell things. Recently, at the park, you taunted Kate and Noah about sitting in a tree and "K-I-S-T-M-P-G-Y". You are so excited to go to Sunday School and come back singing songs at the top of your lungs. Kate and Glory read to you often and you 3 play all sorts of imaginary games like  "family" and "zoo". You often persuade Noah into giving you piggy back rides when your legs get "tired from too much walking".

Bedtime is still a challenge for you, night owl. You are doing better at sleeping in your own bed, but still need lots of encouragement. I still enjoy the middle of the night snuggles although I think Dad would prefer not to have your feet in his face every night.

You are growing so big and strong. You love to dance like a ballerina; I'm sure much of the inspiration comes from your beloved cousin, Natalie. You try to do pushups or climb on Noah's back while he does them.

Your birthday time always makes me nostalgic. I'm glad you get nostalgic, too. This month, I have re-told your birth story at least ten times. You and Dad made a baby book for you. You picked the color (green) and most of the photos.

Love you lots,
Mom & Dad

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