Tuesday, November 24, 2015

happy birthday, kate and glory!

Dear Kate and Glory,

Happy 7th birthday! This year is the year for a "family" birthday celebration instead of a "friend" party and you two have been celebrated for the last 2 weeks with dinners, gifts and special outings/sleepovers.

You are trying out your independence from one another-on your own accord. You asked us to place you in separate first-grade classes and have thrived.  You are thick as thieves at home and at recess. I think you go through a  little bit of sister-withdrawal at bedtime and often sleep together (unless  your pillow talk carries on too late into the night). Kate, you played  recreational basketball by yourself this year. Glory, you wanted to try figure skating or swimming; I think figure skating will win out this year. For the first time ever--unless you count self-inflicted bangs--you have different haircuts. You have always been your own people, but we see it more on the outside now.

You both played soccer this year with Dad and Miss Nicole as coaches. Your team consisted of 4 other Wilson girls that you knew and played well with. I love that in your team picture--hardly any of you have teeth! It's that era.

You both are turning into quite the bookworms, devouring chapter books--especially the "Never Girls" series--at an impressive rate. Glory, you are super strong at math and can school your mom at Common Core. Kate, your reading is fluid and fast. You both are hard workers and love school for many reasons--academic and social.

Bea and Cecelia's arrival this year have made you celebrate your twin-ness even more. Kate, you identify with Bea as the 2nd baby and you were both breech--and both colicky. Glory, Cecelia is more like you--a little more content and a better eater and sleeper, but watch out when she gets mad! You have so much love for them and all the littles. You are very gracious to Ellie who still attempts to rule the roost.

You still have more energy than most children on the face of the earth and are constantly requesting or finding activities to do. Lately, you love building forts in the TV room; we all sit on the floor because the couch cushions are indisposed. You love to help me cook and bake; you got cookbooks this year for your birthday and I plan to put you guys to work, planning menus and feeding us. It's always delicious.

You are growing up so fast but still have remnants of your babyhood that persist. Kate, you ask to be snuggled most nights. Glory, you still carry your big yellow blanket  (sometimes even in your backpack
to school!) and you are working on not sucking your finger since your permanent teeth are coming in.

It is such a joy to witness you two growing up!
Love, Mom and Dad

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