Monday, March 16, 2015

happy birthday, ellie!

Dear Ellie,
Happy 3rd birthday! You continue to be a girl of extremes--often laughing/kissing/hugging one minute and having a screaming tantrum the next. Sometimes it seems like you have too much passion to fit into your 3-year-old body.
You have strong opinions about most things; the most obvious is your wardrobe. Every day you are dressed to the nines: an Easter dress, patterned tights, petticoat, dress shoes (sometimes with heels!) and some kind of jewelry--the more, the better! After you are dressed, you ask, "Do I look pretty? Or fabulous?" (Because there are only two options.) Our mountain of laundry keeps growing as you usually go through 2 or 3 of these wardrobe changes per day.
You love to be read to and have started "reading" to me from memory. For such a busy girl, there's a power books hold over you. You will sit quietly, listening to book after book. You ask what unfamiliar words mean and I hear you using them in your ever-growing vocabulary. Some of this is driven by your desire to be a big-kid kindergartener like Kate and Glory.
Your siblings have been caught up in the NCAA finals for basketball, cheering their hearts out for Gonzaga. You cheer exuberantly, too, in your "Kevin Eddy" loud voice for your own "teams": Ariel, Dora, and most recently, Care Bears. You also act as a cheerleader and sing the "Teamwork" song from "Wonder Pets" and the "Clean Up" song when we do our chores.
Your siblings continue to dote on you, although they have started to help mold you into a responsible citizen--reminding you to use good manners and act with kindess. Your "baby of the family" status is starting to wear off and you are beginning to conform to the same expectations set out for your siblings.
You are especially close to Kate these days and you randomly tell her, "I'm in love with you, Kate". It is so sweet.
You are a night owl. Bedtime is slightly easier, but still much later than your mother would prefer. With our recently hectic schedule, you and I have become bed buddies again...and then I transfer you back to your bed when you are dead asleep. Dr. Ferber is undoubtedly shaking his head, but you are my 4th child and my last baby and I still cherish the nighttime snuggles.

Mom and Dad

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