Monday, November 24, 2014

happy 6th birthday, kate and glory!

Dear Kate and Glory,

Happy birthday! I look at this picture and see you two so grown up--where did our little girls go? This year you started kindergarten and have absolutely flourished. Every day you come home excitedly telling stories of all the adventures you had that day--as well as everyone's adventures. You both are very social and you make it your business to know what everyone else is up to. We know who sits with whom, who got in trouble, who's going on a trip, and I'm pretty sure your entire class and their parents knows what's going on in our household as well. It's a good thing we don't have too many skeletons in our closet.

Your father and I survived your first "friend" birthday party yesterday--along with 18 of your classmates, a few of their siblings and parents. It was a great success with a Cinderella theme, princess cupcakes, making crowns and rotating stations with games of "Pin the Slipper on the Princess", "Fairy Godmother Says", relay races and balloon games. The pinata was the biggest "hit" of all; it helped convince some of your boy classmates to come to a princess party. Thank goodness for all the adults in your life--Grammy, Mo, Marilyn and Dan came to help reign in the chaos and Mom and Dad were extremely grateful.

Glory, you broke your left arm this year--4 days before we left for Disneyland. We've always known you were tough, but your courage was impressive. You had to go to surgery and, instead of being nervous, you were more excited about being able to stay up all night watching TV in your hospital room. You kept up with your siblings and cousins riding all the rides at Disneyland and were able to play a little bit in the pool--thanks to Glad Press -N- Seal.

You have a big, big heart for such a little girl. One of the many examples of this is how you have befriended, Tyler, one of your classmates. Tyler has special needs and, at first the different way he talked and walked, were a little scary to you, but we talked about his heart is the same despite his differences on the outside. After this, you made a special point of being welcoming to him and you two have become special friends. You say a special prayer for him every night.

You are becoming braver; your personality is more cautious than Kate. You finally pulled a loose tooth after much coaxing by both Dad and Kate...and the Tooth Fairy gave you an extra penny for your bravery. You tried again with your 2nd tooth, but now you are back to the going rate for the Eddy family--$1. You still snuggle with your blankie; it now goes to school with you and stays in your backpack every day. We are working on only sucking your finger at bedtime now that more permanent teeth are on the horizon. You have a hard time remembering sometimes, but always say "Thanks, Mom" when I remind you.

Kate, this year you have been a do-er--which, at times, has ended well, and at others--not so much. You were the first to lose a tooth--because you yanked it out the second it became loose enough. You are tackling reading enthusiastically, reading anything in sight and your printing is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, your can-do attitude sometimes makes you bite off more than you can chew. Several days ago, you tried cutting the hairband out of your hair and are lucky you don't look like Skrillex. (You will be wearing the same hairdo with its careful combover for the next few weeks.)

You are strong kid. Our grown-up friends comment on the pushups you can do. You can scale any piece of furniture or shelving in our house. I'm sure you'd excel at gymnastics, but we opted for ballet so you and Glory could have a non-weight-bearing activity with her broken arm. Ballet is a bit too serious for your afternoon sillies, but you generally enjoy it.

You are sleeping more than ever before, which is still not much. Much to your parents' dismay, it is becoming clear that you are a "night owl". We have adopted a "fake it 'til you make it" protocol for bedtime where you have to lie quietly in bed until you fall asleep. You comply, but still are awake until 10pm most nights; now you sleep in, and dragging you out of bed for school in the mornings can be hard on all of us.

You both are growing into such good helpers. You love to work in the kitchen with me--measuring, mixing, cracking eggs and sometimes cutting. You help making your own beds and when we have family pick-up, you race to put away things. You both are big, big help with Ellie. You are patient and loving and try hard to set good examples of good behavior; you often give into her demands because you love her. Noah is becoming a good playmate as well and it warms my heart to see the 4 of you making up intricate imagination games.

We are so excited for what this next year holds!

Mom and Dad

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