Monday, January 11, 2010

dance party 2010--part two

The next morning, Dori and I took the boys to Cabela's to see the animals, fish and play in the tents. Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready and made it to the church on time for pictures. We aim to dazzle and impress.

Here is our good-looking crew, hanging out in the church's nursery before the wedding. The nursery was a godsend; we spent two hours there before the wedding, but it felt like ten minutes. It's not often you can say that time flies while trying to entertain two busy boys. Of course, they weren't so keen on leaving when the wedding actually began so Noah, Sam and I hung out in there during most of the ceremony.

Well, except for the part when Sam was kicking the back of the pew and trying to stab his grandma with a pencil and being shushed by the photographer while he loudly proclaimed, "Da! Da!", pointing at Joe on the altar and confirming his parentage to everyone in the congregation. (Like there has ever been a question--have you seen that boy eat?)His mother quickly returned him to the nursery. Later, several guests commented on how "busy" he is.

After throwing birdseed at the newlyweds, we all headed back to the hotel for the reception. Noah tried to entice some of the kids his age to play guns or race cars, but both the girl in the pink petticoat and the girl in the lacy tights failed to take the bait. Everyone, however, was super excited when the dancing started and Noah was a party animal. He showed off his famous dance moves, including the police car, which involves making laps around the dance floor, complete with siren noises. Sam was totally into dancing, too; he, Noah and I cut quite the rug together.

I had to restrain Noah during the couple's first dance, the father/daughter dance and mother/son dance. Sam was safe in Fred's arms. I set him free after that and we partied late into the night...well, until 9:30pm when the twin mothers decided their young sons needed at least a little rest.

The next morning I urged Noah to hurry and get ready, we had a big day ahead of us. I meant that we had to pack and get to the airport so we could fly back to Lewiston to get the girls and head back to Spokane.

He looked at me with excited eyes. "Why? Is there another wedding today?!?"

Addendum: While we weren't able to catch his fabulous dance moves at the wedding, he willingly agreed to give you all a little recital.


Jen said...

Looks like that last move got away from him a little, huh? Great moves. Great times had by all. It was even better at the wedding, if you could possibly believe it.

Laura said...

Noah rocks!

Steve K. said...

I loved how Noah and Sam got the dancing started and didn't let it slow down all night...they helped make it a great party! Thanks for coming!