Monday, February 23, 2009

my 2 moms

Being a twin has lots of benefits. Instant best friend. Double the wardrobe. And, my personal favorite, if you go shopping together, only one of you has to try on clothes.
But there's more--so much more.

During Jen's last visit we discovered this--our kids have trouble telling us apart. Noah, who has been in "Mom-only" mode since the birth of the girls, was just fine with his Ninang taking care of him. Because my sister is awesome she readily stepped in so I could get a few more hours of sleep.

The benefits don't end there...when you and your twin are breastfeeding at the same time. One morning I awoke unusually rested, discovered it was (gasp!) 8:00AM and raced upstairs certain that there would be an hysterical baby crying in hunger. Instead I found Glory asleep in Lala's arms. "Oh," Jen said breezily, "she was hungry about an hour ago, so I gave her a boob and she went to sleep."

Yea for twins.

The effect went both ways. Mr. Separation Anxiety Sam was fine with his Ninang (me), so we kind of traded kids for the weekend. Three for one. Not a bad deal at all...well, unless you get my 3 kids and have to give up your one smiling baby.


ran shae said...

i'm jealous!

Laura said...

y'all are lucky ladies :) excellent bonding moments, I see!

The Chase Family said...

Wow, what a blessing you have in one another! Thank heavens you actually know that! (Plus it keeps the rest of us who read your blogs highly entertained!)

Caridad said...

This is something I had never considered when thinking about twins. It kind of blows my mind. And what a blessing when you both have kids!

raecatherine said...

Thanks for the pics! For what it's worth, I can tell who's who (at least in the photo!)